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I'm feeling somewhat grouchy today, but these questions seems to be patching my mindset right up. They're from Witches' Weekly - or rather, from the archives there.

Do you think paganism will ever be nationally accepted?

Nationally is a dodgy word. It's well on the way in the UK and Scandinavia, much less so in Ireland. It's an official religion, more or less, in Iceland, unless I misremember. Paganism is also too nebulous to ever really be accepted as such - it's a bit like asking if science will ever be accepted. So that'd be a sort-of-yes.

What was your most successful work of magic?

On the now-defunct, many years ago, a devout Christian challenged me to set or predict (I can never tell which it is) the temperature and weather in her hometown near Seattle on three dates of her choice. She chose the dates, I chose the weather. We settled on midday as the time to measure. I was exactly right on two dates, and off by one degree on the third.

And a final one, from sabayone, elsewhere:

Name three fictional characters your deity or deities resemble.

Thor looks like Mike Callahan, in the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon books, with a element of Little John, and a dash of.... I want to say Sean Connery, but he's not fictional. King Richard in Prince of Thieves, then.

Ishtar looks like Inara in Firefly, although Inara's face is a little too soft. I'm having real difficulty coming up with more; Inara is nearly exactly right. There's something of Ripley from the Alien movies in her take-no-bullshit manner.
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