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The failure of the race of Men

I have been in an odd, and sometimes unpleasant mood this evening, at least in part brought on by a comment on someone else's post by a bloke I don't really know. He was being so patronising it put my teeth on edge, and I'm normally aware of patronisation only as a kind of distant abstract. I am further aware of another bloke who has two-timed his wonderful girlfriend again - this is about the third time, and I do hope I don't see him again any time soon, because I used to think he was a decent sort, and would be rather compelled to beat him until the decent personality came back. And I can think of a few more examples offhand of men being complete fuckwits. I am, in short, not impressed.

There seems to be something missing in societal roles, in icons and ideals today - the Decent Bloke. Many of the men you see on the news today are footballers, for instance - and say what you will, a man who makes his living chasing a football is not a role model. Besides which, more of them seem to be on the news for crimes and affairs than football. There are politicians, and apart from a very few, they're not suitable role models either. They should be Leaders, anyway, not Decent Blokes. Actors... maybe. Patrick Stewart is there, perhaps. Writers, maybe more so - Neil Gaiman springs to mind. But see, here's the thing - who sees them? There's all this attention being paid to the asshole soccer players, and the deceitful politicians, and the corrupt businessmen, and the variety of other unsavoury characters that seem to compose the current spectrum of masculinity.

This trickles down to normal society, of course. In the past three years, I've twice had to step in in public places where men were bullying women. Not "just" domestics, either, these were situations where these people had never met before, and somehow the men thought they had some right to shout and to strike. In one case, I had to physically throw a man off a bus, and in another, wait with a girl until she got a taxi, because the asshole who kicked her was hanging around looking malevolent.

And no, I've no suggestions for this. I've been discussing it with Thor here for a bit, and other advisors, and it makes no sense to them, either. Somewhere in the last fifty years, heroes have been replaced with protagonists, and the stories have been sordid more than epic.
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